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Pluripro® medium, 500 ml

The most effective way to grow human pluripotent cells

Pluripro®  is a fully defined, serum-free culture system that supports high purity, confluent expansion of human pluripotent cells without the use of feeder cells. The Pluripro® system is specifically designed to make stem cell culture routine and robust, reducing labour intensity and increasing consistency.

The system is composed of a carefully matched matrix coating and fully defined medium which together provide an ideal environment for the growth and maintenance of human pluripotent cells. 

Pluripro®  generates robust cultures where pluripotency rates above 98% are routinely maintained. Pluripro® does not utilize FGF-2.

Increase your iPSC transfection efficiency simply by using Pluripro®  

Product Citation

Single-Cell-State Culture of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Increases Transfection Efficiency

Nii T, et al., 2016. BioResearch Open Access.

Describes the urility of Pluripro® for increasing transfection efficiency with DNA and RNA

Maintaining cells in culture is a core activity of any stem cell lab. It is also one of the most time consuming. Pluripro®  has been designed to significantly reduce the amount of time required to maintain cells. From the simple pour-on-pour-off preparation of the culture surface using Pluripro® matrix to the 15 minute passaging protocol (for two independent lines performed in parallel), everything about Pluripro® has been designed for ease of use. The robustness of the system produces uniformity that is critical for optimized differentiation.


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Characterization of Pluripro® demonstrates the system's overall performance for growth and maintenance of human pluripotent cells. 

Oct4 stain

Cells cultured in Pluripro® grow uniformly across the culture surface providing a highly homogenous pluripotent population and an excellent, uniform starting material for directed differentiation. Oct4 staining shown.




Cells cultured in the Pluripro® culture system routinely demonstrate staining of pluripotency markers across >98% cells when subjected to FC analysis. Data shown is for SSEA-4. 




Cells can be colony or confluent cultured in Pluripro®. Normal karyotype is retained over extended passage. Karyotype at passage 20 is shown. Stable karyotype has been maintained to passage 20 in 2/2 independent cultures in our labs.



Pluripotent human cells grown in Pluripro® will readily differentiate when placed in the appropriate environment. Embryoid bodies spontaneously differentiate into cells expressing markers for each of the three germ layers. Beta III tubulin (ectoderm marker) staining shown above. Smooth muscle actin (mesoderm marker) and FoxA2 endoderm marker).


smooth muscle actin

Smooth muscle actin (mesoderm marker).


Fox A2

FoxA2 (endoderm marker).



Alessia Delli Carri, Marco Onorati, Valentina Castiglioni, Andrea Faedo, Stefano Camnasio, Mauro Toselli, Gerardo Biella, Elena Cattaneo. Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation into Authentic Striatal Projection Neurons. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (2013), 9: 461-474

Julia Ladewig, Philipp Koch, Oliver Brüstle. Auto-attraction of neural precursors and their neuronal progeny impairs neuronal migration. Nature Neuroscience (2014) 17: 24–26




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