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SINEUPTM non-coding RNA technology represents a breakthrough for the study and manipulation of eukaryotic genes. SINEUPTM allows up to 10-fold increases in expression levels of target proteins by increasing the efficiency of translation. It has been proposed that the mechanism is similar to IRES elements which increase the efficiency of translation initiation. Transcription of the target gene is unaltered. Similar to RNAi, which can be used to knockdown (down-regulate) protein levels, SINEUPTMtechnology does not rely on the direct manipulation of the target gene. 

Selected Publications

Engineering mammalian cell factories with SINEUP noncoding RNAs to improve translation of secreted proteins ACCESS

SINEUPs: A new class of natural and synthetic antisense long non-coding RNAs that activate translation  FREE ACCESS

SINEUPs are modular antisense long non-coding RNAs that increase synthesis of target proteins in cells  FREE ACCESS