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Exo-spin™ Exosome Purification Kit


        Exospin kit                                                                                 

Exo-spin™ generates superior yields and higher quality whole exosomes compared with any available alternative. No ultracentrifugation is required. No organic buffers are used and the precipitant is purified away.

The Exo-spin™ kit is suitable for the preparation of pure, functional exosomes from a variety of biological fluids including cell culture media, urine and saliva. For blood plasma and sera, Exo-spin™ blood (Cat EX02) is available.

Exosomes purified using Exo-spin™ are suitable for a variety of downstream applications including RNA analysis, protein analysis and funtional use.

For large sample volumes, often used with cell culture media and urine extraction, EX01-25L offers unsurpassed economy.


exosome purification reference   Lane et al perform an independent analysis of various exosome purification technologies, including Exo-spin™, using a model liposome system.  

Analysis of exosome purification methods using a model liposome system and tunable-resistive pulse sensing. Rebecca E. Lane,Darren Korbie,Will Anderson,Ramanathan Vaidyanathan& Matt Trau. Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 7639 doi:10.1038/srep07639





Simple protocol

Simple, easy-to-follow two hour protocol.

(1) Remove cells and cellular debris

(2) Pellet microvesicle containing fraction

(3) Purify exosomes.





Nanosight analysis

NanoSight analysis of samples prepared from cell culture medium 

(a) Exo-spin™ yields significantly higher numbers of vesicles of the expected 40-120 nm size range than alternatives including

(b) ultracentrifugation

(c) competitor kit

The size distribution profile obtained with Exo-spin™ most closely resembles ultra-centrifugation. 



TEM photograph

Transmission electron microscope analysis

Shows Exosomes purified using Exo-spin™ have expected morphology and size range.



Bioanalyzer analysis

Lower contaminating rRNA levels

Analysis on Bioanalyzer instrument shows RNA preps (Trizol) following a) Exo-spin™ purification from cell culture samples compared with b) ultracentrifugation or c) competitor kit.


Exo-spin™ columns should be spun at 50xG. You may calculate the Gforce generated by your centrifuge using this calculator. Alternatively (or cross check), use our Nomograph.

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