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  • Family

    • EGF family
    • FGF family
    • Hedgehog family
    • Interleukin family
    • Neurotrophic
    • Other
    • PDGF family
    • TGF-β superfamily
    • TNF family
    • VEGF family
  • Species

    • Human
    • Mouse
    • Rat

PODS™ Growth Factors

Standard proteins are extracted from cells using harsh processes that damage the protein, fail to remove impurities (which can have a biological effect) and leave the protein product unprotected from proteases. Although these proteins work instantly, they don't work for long. PODS™ proteins are captured within the cell in a polyhedrin crystal lattice which protects the protein against physical and chemical damage. Once deployed in cell culture, the polyhedrin crystal loosens its grip on the cargo protein providing a sustained release into the local environment. PODS™ crystals provide a depot formulation for sustained protein release over days, weeks and months (when combined with a hydrogel). PODS™ crystals can be attached to surfaces in order to functionalize them and thus create localized concentrations and physiologically relevant gradients. 

  • Depot formulation provides sustained release and maintains physiologically relevant concentrations of growth factors over extended periods
  • Proteins remain folded throughout production process providing inherent biological activity
  • Manufactured in insect cells for important post-translational modifications
  • Animal Free manufacture
  • Custom service available. Difficult-to-purify proteins can be made

A comprehensive guide to PODS™ technology is available.


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PODS™ Empty £95.00
PODS™ Human Activin A £95.00
PODS™ Mouse Activin A £95.00
PODS™ Rat Activin A £95.00
PODS™ Human BDNF £95.00
PODS™ Human BMP-4 £95.00
PODS™ Human EGF £95.00
PODS™ Mouse Ephrin-B2 £95.00
PODS™ Human FGF-2 £95.00
PODS™ Human FGF-7 £95.00
PODS™ Human GDNF £95.00
PODS™ Human IGF-1 £95.00
PODS™ Human IL-6 £95.00
PODS™ Human IL-10 £95.00
PODS™ Human LIF £95.00
PODS™ Human PDGF-BB £95.00
PODS™ Human RANK Ligand £95.00
PODS™ Human SCF £95.00
PODS™ Human SHH £95.00
PODS™ Human TGF-β1 £95.00
PODS™ Human TGF-β3 £95.00
PODS™ Mouse VEGF-164 £95.00
PODS™ Human Wnt-3a £95.00