What are PODS®?

PODS® are 100% protein nanoparticles (200nm to 5 microns) that contain just two proteins: the first structural protein assembles into the nanoparticle crystals, the second protein is the active cargo, such as a cytokine. The cargo protein is slowly released following protease-mediated digestion of the structural protein.

Why are PODS® useful?

PODS® provide sustained release of the bioactive cargo protein (over periods >1 month) to generate a more constant environment for cells. PODS® may be placed in discrete positions on, or within, substrates or distributed evenly across a culture system.  Consequently, PODS® technology addresses many of the issues of conventional recombinant proteins which are difficult to localize and quickly lose efficacy.

By creating a more stable environment, in-vitro and in-vivo, PODS® improve cell quality, enhance survival, differentiation, and maturation of cells.

PODS® in phagocytic cells

"Naked" PODS® nanoparticles are readily taken up by a wide range of phagocytic cells including professional and non-professional phagocytes. This has no apparent effect on their phenotype. We have shown in macrophages that cargo proteins can be secreted and are able to modulate the behaviour of adjacent heterogenous cells. Read the paper:



PODS® Technology

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