ExoFLARE™ tracking

Code Description Price Qty
EX301 ExoFLARE™ CD9 kit including impermeable dye £390.00
EX302 ExoFLARE™ CD63 kit including impermeable dye £390.00
EX303 ExoFLARE™ CD81 kit including impermeable dye £390.00
EX304 ExoFLARE™ CD9 kit including permeable dye £390.00
EX305 ExoFLARE™ CD63 kit including permeable dye £390.00
EX306 ExoFLARE™ CD81 kit including permeable dye £390.00
EX401-100 EF Red xc cell impermeable dye, 100 assays £155.00
EX401-1000 EF Red xc cell impermeable dye, 1000 assays £775.00
EX402-100 EF Red s cell permeable dye, 100 assays £155.00
EX402-1000 EF Red s cell permeable dye, 1000 assays £775.00


ExoFLARE™ utilize a combination of a FLARE (FLuorescence Activating Response Element) protein tag together with a pro-fluorophore dye. Neither the protein or dye fluoresce in isolation. When the protein binds to the dye, it causes a change in structure which results in fluorescence. The dye and protein form an unstable bond with continuous turnover of the dye. This results in sustained fluorescence without the levels of photo-bleaching associated with fluorescent proteins. This allows ExoFLAREs™ to be monitored for extensive periods to allow tracking of movement of dyes.


  • As described above, the ExoFLARE™ system consists of two components, which together provide unparalleled specificity and signal durability
  • Each ExoFLARE™ mammalian expression construct is ready to transfect into cells. At present, CD9, CD63 and CD81 are available
  • ExoFLARE™ fluorophores are provided in either 100 or 1000 assays and an assay is performed in a single well of a 96 well plate


  • Significantly brighter than fluorescent proteins
  • Low background levels
  • Non-toxic

Use ExoFLARE™ to

  • Image individual exosomes
  • Track long term movement of exosomes
  • Detect uptake of exosomes in non-transfected recipient cells

Kit contents

Each kit contains:

  • 20 µg of a mammalian expression construct (for a single CD antigen) 
  • EF Red s cell permeable dye for 100 assays
  • Solvent A for resuspension of dye
  • PBS buffer
  • Comprehensive User Guide

Product Data

CD9 NTA CD63  CD81  

ExoFLARE™ constructs were transiently transfected into DU145N cells. ExoFLARE™ cell permeable dye was added to the media and cells were imaged using a confocal fluorescence microscope. Red = ExoFLARE™; Green = Hoechst.