PODS Mouse VEGF-164 50 Million PeptiGel

PODS® GFP in PeptiGel® Alpha4

Product Description

PODS® Mouse VEGF-164 TNF-α in combination with your choice of PeptiGels.

PODS-PeptiGels combines two existing cell culture technologies - sustained release growth factors (PODS®) and synthetic peptide hydrogels (PeptiGels®). Together, these provide a reproducible and highly controlled environment for 3D cell culture. The ready-to-use PODS-PeptiGel kits allow researchers to tailor their cell culture system to suit their individual cell types by selecting specific growth factors and peptide hydrogel combinations for a truly relevant in vitro system.

PODS Growth Factors

PODS® are cubic crystals made from 100% protein that slowly release their protein cargo through nanopores. This sustained bioavailability enables researchers to better control the behaviour of cells in hydrogels. The conditions generated by PODS® crystals generates stable growth factor concentrations enabling precise control of the cell culture environment, significantly improving the health and quality of cells.

If you would like to use multiple PODS® growth factors as part of the combination kit, please get in touch.


PeptiGels® are ready-to-use, fully synthetic, biologically relevant peptide hydrogels that are formulated to meet your specific cell culture needs. PeptiGels® are designed with a range of mechanical properties and biochemical functionalities to closely mimic the native cellular micro-environment to allow the growth of a wide range of cell types.

If you would like a bespoke PeptiGel® as part of the combination kit, please get in touch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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