Welcome to Cell Guidance Systems and our beginners guide to SINEUP™

What is SINEUP™?

It is an RNA-based mechanism which increases the efficiency of transcription, up to 10-fold, by potentiating ribosome activity. For SINEUP™ to work, the gene has to be expressed already. This is often a big advantage as it reduces off-target effects in cells not expressing the transcript.

How does SINEUP™ work?

A SINEUP™ is non-transcribed RNA. Similar to siRNA, it can be introduced to cells as synthetic RNA molecules, or expressed from plasmid constructs. The SINEUP™ RNA contains two motifs: AD is the activation domain. BD is the binding domain which is complementary to the UTR (untranslated region) of the target gene

The SINEUP™ RNA specifically binds to the target gene via the BD. The AD is then able to recruit ribosomes to the targetted transcript in order to increase the efficiency of translation.


Is this gene editing? No

Does it work on endogenous and exogenous genes? Yes

Are there many citations? Yes, loads (see here)

What is the product? We have a kit with an expression construct containing the AD. Simply clone in you BD as you would with an siRNA construct. We also provide a service which will have you knocking up your genes in no time.



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