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About Us

Cell Guidance Systems was established in Jan 2010 to provide research tools and reagents for stem cell research. We strive for innovation, quality, value and service.

Innovation – products that address unmet needs, providing new tools that expand the possibilities of life science research.

Quality – Rigorous quality control to ensure products function effectively.

Value – Research is an expensive activity. We aim to offer real value for money across our product range.

Service – to offer the highest levels of service in all our interactions with customers and in our business dealings.

Our product offering:

Pluripro® media for human pluripotent cell maintenance.

Growth factors – over 200 to choose from including animal-free.

Small molecules – a targeted, growing offering for stem cell research.

Exosome research – Exo-spin™ is the most effective way to purify exosomes. Watch out for more products coming soon.

SINEUP™ – a unique technology that increases protein levels by increasing levels of translation.

Karyotype services – for monitoring genomic integrity.

We also distribute Matrigen Softwell in Europe: Softwell provides a range of cell culture dishes in a variety of formats, in a variety of defined softnesses which re-create physiological elasticities seen in tissues from bone, to heart to brain to fat.