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19/12/2017 - New SINEUP Kit > Pinpoint control of gene expression

11/05/2017 - Growth Factors Get Armoured > Launch of PODS™ technology

02/03/2017 - Stem Cell Breakthrough > Synthetic embryos model early stages of life

28/06/2016 - PODS™ Fight Neglected Tropical Diseases > Microcrystals developed as vaccines

18/03/2015 - Cells come out of the dark age > A new range of cell culture reagents allow cells in culture to be kept alive during exposure to light.

22/04/2013 - Exosome research cleans up > A novel exosome purification technology, released today by Cell Guidance Systems, will support the microvescicle field.

30/01/2013 - Italian scientists use molecular RNA Chaperones to increase protein production from individual genes.