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    Exosome services         

When you need reliable, high-quality solutions, you can count on Cell Guidance Systems to support your research goals. Leading scientists rely on us to deliver specialized data and reagents for their research needs.

Karyotype services

Our karyotype service is flexible, providing analysis for both mouse and human cells. Other species can also be analyzed. Please contact us for a quotation. Samples can be prepared for analysis either by the customer or we'll handle the preparation for you in our labs. All analysis is perfomed manually by expert cytogeneticists. 

Custom media services

Development of a custom medium allows tailoring of the nutrients for a specific cell line or assay. We have many years experience in producing cell culture medium and provide each lot with analysis of physical perameters including pH, sterility and osmolality. Filtration perameters can be tailored to your requirements. Additional tests, including mycoplasma and endotoxin testing can be performed if required. We provide a cost-effective and timely service and can produce lot sizes ranging from one to fifty litres and beyond.