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  • Reduces photo-bleaching 
  • Reduces auto-fluorescence
  • Increases cell viability

LiveLight photostable media



“LiveLight™ has significantly enhanced the image quality of our data while simultaneously reducing light-associated toxicity. A win/win from our perspective.”  Prof Sami Barmada, University of Michigan

LiveLight cell culture media and supplements have been reformulated with specific phototoxic components eliminated and replaced. LiveLight™ media and supplements allow prolonged exposure of cells to light whilst maintaining high levels of cell viability and functionality. As shown below, this allows the generation of remarkably improved experimental data. 


LiveLight™ cell culture products do more than just reduce auto-fluorescence. They actively protect your cells from the lethal effects of photo-induced free radicals that are common components of standard media. Experiments with cultured cells, including fluorescence microscopy, optogenetics, fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS), calcium imaging, super-resolution microscopy and automated cell culture, often entail high levels or prolonged exposure to light. However, cell culture media and supplements contain components that are converted to toxic free radicals by light. In particular, DMEM (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) and Neurobasal® medium, as well as cell culture supplements such as B-27®, SATO and NS21, can lead to significant perturbation of cellular behaviour and marked increases in cell death. This issue has been discussed, for example, in “Artifacts of Light”, Nature Methods (2013) volume 10 (12) page 1135. 

LiveLight products also have very low levels of auto-fluorescence, dramatically improving the quality of data that can be obtained.

standard media autofluorsence LiveLight imaging

Neuronal cells imaged in the presence of Neurobasal medium. The same neuronal cells in the presence of NEUMO and SOS under the same illumination and photographic conditions. Courtesy Prof Sami Bamarda, University of Michigan



NEUMO photostable medium with neuronal cells

7 day old primary rat neuronal cells cultured in standard media or LiveLight™ media in dark and light conditions. Cells were stained with neuronal markers Tuj1 and GFAP, and with DAPI, a marker of cell viability. Light conditions result in widespread cell death with standard media whereas cells cultured in LiveLight™ media show no decrease in viability.


NEUMO photostable medium with FACS

 OPCs cultured in NEUMO® and SOS® subjected to FACS


The LiveLight™ cell culture system encompasses three different photostable products:

MEMO® medium replaces DMEM

NEUMO® medium replaces Neurobasal® media

SOS® supplement replaces B-27® and similar neuronal supplements (e.g. N2, SATO, NS21).  

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