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PODS Growth Factors

Conventional growth factors limit the possibilities of cell culture. PODS® addresses these limitations enabling researchers to better control and manipulate cells in 2D and 3D culture as well as in-vivo.

PODS® are nano-scale co-crystals made from 100% protein. PODS® slowly release their growth factor cargo through nanopores, generating steady-state bioavailability (near zero-order kinetics).

The sustainable release provided by PODS® crystals generates stable growth factor concentrations enabling precise control of the cell culture environment, significantly improving the health and quality of cells. 


The slow-release provide by PODS® also reduces, or even eliminates, the need for media changes. This also softens the level of cycling between high and low growth factor concentration which can stress cells. Even more exciting, PODS® nanocrystals can be precisely positioned to provide localized bioavailability and, if desired, to generate micro-gradients. 

PODS are also highly stable in storage. This unparalleled flexibility and control of a culture system opens up many possibilities for innovation in 2D, 3D and in-vivo applications. 



If you can't see the PODS® protein you need, please ask. We can make it for you.



PODS® Empty $155.00
PODS® GFP $155.00
PODS® Human Activin A $155.00
PODS® Mouse Activin A $155.00
PODS® Rat Activin A $155.00
PODS® Human Activin B $155.00
PODS® Human BDNF $155.00
PODS® Human BMP-2 $155.00
PODS® Human BMP-4 $155.00
PODS® Human BMP-10 $155.00
PODS® Human CDNF $155.00
PODS® Human CD40 Ligand $155.00
PODS® Human Chemerin $155.00
PODS® Human CNTF $155.00
PODS® Human CTGF $155.00
PODS® Human DKK-1 $155.00
PODS® Human EGF $155.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A1 $155.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A3 $155.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-A4 $155.00
PODS® Human Ephrin-B2 $155.00
PODS® Mouse Ephrin-B2 $155.00
PODS® Human EPO $155.00
PODS® Human FGF-1 $155.00
PODS® Human FGF-2 (154) $155.00