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Defined Surfaces and ECMs

Cell Guidance Systems offers an extensive range of widely validated class-leading extracellular matrices (ECMs) and surface coatings. These non-complex products enable reproducible research without animal-derived material.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to success. Complex matrix products contain non-essential components in varying amounts that can impact assay performance; even essential components are often present in amounts that vary significantly from batch to batch (and even within batches) impacting results. By developing culture systems with simple matrices, researchers are able to more clearly understand the culture system and generate more reliable results.

Product Categories

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Matrigen™ Softwell

For 2D cell culture. Purchase ready-to-use cell culture plates in a wide range of formats  (from petri dishes to 96 well plates) coated with a thin layer of acrylamide precisely tuned to a defined elasticity from 0.1 kPa up to 100 kPa to replicate the stiffness of your cell's natural niche.

Matrix Proteins

Non-animal matrix proteins, including OptiCol™ (human cell-derived collagen), and synthetic functional peptide motifs including RGD.


Designed to overcome the well-documented limitations of widely used animal tumour-derived ECMs, PeptiGel® is a range of self-assembling peptide hydrogels designed to enable reliable 3D cell culture. PeptiGels® can be tuned to desired physical properties and functionalized with motifs which can be customized to users' requirements. PeptiGels® are proven to work, even for the most demanding applications, across numerous labs. 

Animal free  

All Cell Guidance Systems' matrix products are animal-free