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Cell Guidance Systems has developed a range of products and services to support your exosome research, from isolation to characterization to assay. Our range of products includes exosome purification kits for all biological fluids and applications, exosome marker antibodies, and exosome detection options, as well as a nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) service. 


Analysis and Characterization 



Accelerate your exosome research with our comprehensive starter pack

We designed the ideal starter pack to guide your exosome research. The pack includes 

  • an exosome purification kit of your choice
  • exosome validated antibodies 
  • NTA profiling analysis service

The complete details can be found in the product page here

Using Exo-spin™ 96


Listen to leading exosome researchers describe the potential of exosomes



Support literature


See a complete list of application notes and posters under the resources tab.


Exosome Products