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Growth Factors


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Cell Guidance Systems offers a wide selection of recombinant growth factors and cytokines in both standard and PODS® slow-release formats, to suit different cell culture applications. Rigorous quality control ensures bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency. 

Recombinant human cytokines and growth factors

Recombinant mouse (and other) cytokines and growth factors


See also PODS® slow-release cytokines and growth factors



Why select our recombinant proteins?

  • Quality control: our growth factors are qualitatively and functionally tested. All the products have established acceptance criteria for biological assays, purity, and endotoxin levels.
  • Bulk manufacturing: we manufacture our own proteins in our own laboratories in Cambridge, UK and we have the capability to scale up production to meet your needs.
  • Documentation: you can request a certificate of analysis (CoA) for a specific lot before you buy it, where you will find specific ED50 (instead of “pass” or “fail”) and activity values for the functional biological assay. This way, you know exactly what you are buying. See an example and request your lot-specific CoA here.
  • Consistency: all our lots are consistent as they follow strict acceptance criteria.  Additionally, large production lots (including gram-scale) allow us to provide a steady inventory of the same lot number over time.
  • Choice: our catalogue includes a wide range of human, mouse, and rat recombinant proteins.
  • Value: our products are frequently benchmarked against leading brands. Request a personalized quote to receive a discount on your multi-product and bulk orders.
  • Animal-Free option: produced without animal-derived materials. All processing and handling employ animal-free equipment and animal-free protocols.
  • Multiple pack sizes: all our growth factors are available in four different pack sizes and we can also aliquot as per your requirements.
  • Not in our catalogue? Please send an email to [email protected] with an inquiry about your protein of interest. We are continuously increasing our catalogue and we will let you know as soon as that growth factor is available.

How do we support your research?

Cell Guidance Systems has compiled a complete range of proteins to support your cell culture research, which we all know can be challenging. Our range includes not only the standard range of recombinant proteins, but also an innovative catalogue of sustained release of growth factors using the PODS® technology. Whatever your experimental setup and application, we will have the right product for you. Moreover, our technical team will support you throughout your experiments with any questions you might have.

PODS® sustained release growth factors



In addition to our standard growth factors, we also offer the PODS® (Polyhedrin Delivery System) – a novel and innovative solution for sustained release. PODS® microcrystals continuously replenish proteins from millions of local microscopic stores which can be placed next to or at a distance from cells, either randomly or in precise locations. Just like cells, these micro-depots release a steady stream of bioactive protein. This protein can be limited to local surroundings, dispersed more widely, or made to form a gradient.

Start today

Start searching through our catalogue of high-quality growth factors and select what you will need for your cell culture. Send an email to [email protected] and we will send you a personalized quote.

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