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Exo-spin Exosome Purification

Wherever your research leads you, Exo-spin™ has a solution for your exosome purification requirements. 


Exosome purification using size exclusion chromatography (SEC)

SEC separates particles in solution based on their size. An SEC column is packed with resin containing stable polymeric spherical beads, each of which has large numbers of nano-scale pores across its surface. The beads leave gaps after packing, the size of which depends on the diameter of the beads. When a solution containing exosomes is added to the top of the resin bed, it enters the resin under gravity. The smallest particles, including free-proteins, become trapped in the nano-sized pores, slowing their progress, whereas the larger exosomes pass around the outside of the beads and elute first. The very largest particles, beyond the size of the gaps between the beads, are also slowed or stopped completely. The resin used in Exo-spin columns has been chosen to specifically allow primary elution of particles in the range 30nm - 250nm. This allows isolation of exosomes from particles of other sizes.



SEC achieves highly purified samples in which exosomes are separated from other non-EV components.




Exo-spin™ technology 


Key Features

Excellent yields and high levels of purity

No ultracentrifugation

Simple and reliable

Exosomes with low levels of protein and rRNA contamination

The protocol provides consistent results every time

Isolate intact whole exosomes for functional studies


Many samples (for example cell culture media, saliva and urine) contain exosomes at low concentrations. To maximize efficiency, Exo-spin™ technology combines concentrating and SEC techniques, generating high levels of purity combined with high yields of exosomes even from dilute samples. Exo-spin™ is currently available in 5 different configurations represented with catalogue codes EX01, EX02, EX03, EX04, and EX05; specifically designed and optimized for different sample types and downstream applications. To get started, the table below provides a guide to select the right Exo-spin kit to purify exosomes from your sample.


Low exosome-content biofluids (up to 1x109/ml)

including cell culture media, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, urine

Sample Volume

isolation method

Exo-spin Kit

column bed length

< 1ml to 50 ml 

concentration + SEC

EX01 mini

1.3 cm 

 < 1 ml to 75 ml Note 1

concentration + SEC

EX05 mini-HD

6.35 cm

75 ml to 500 ml Note 1 concentration + SEC EX04 midi 2.15 cm


Plasma and Sera

Sample Volume

isolation method

Exo-spin Kit

column bed length

< 100 µl Note 2 


EX03 mini columns

1.3 cm 

< 150 µl 


EX05  mini-HD 6.35 cm 
100 µl - 250 µl Note 3 concentration + SEC EX02 mini blood 1.3 cm  
1 ml SEC EX04 midi 2.15 cm 

Note 1:  For cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and human breast milk samples, validated protocols are available for EX01 only. The protocols are provided in the user guides. 
Note 2: Sera only. Note 3: Up to 500 ul for sera.

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 Whatever the sample and whatever the application, there is an Exo-spin™ product for your needs.



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