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SINEUP™ allows up to 10-fold increases in expression levels of target proteins by increasing the efficiency of translation. It has been proposed that the mechanism is similar to IRES elements which increase the efficiency of translation initiation. Transcription of the target gene is unaltered. Similar to RNAi, which can be used to knockdown (down-regulate) protein levels, SINEUP™ technology does not rely on the direct manipulation of the target gene.

SINEUP™ Key characteristics

  • Up-regulates proteins up to 10-fold
  • Simple mode of action
  • Rapid effect - works with transient transfection
  • No need to create stable cell lines
  • Very cost-effective
  • Target endogenous or exogenous genes
  • Target locus is unaffected
  • mRNA levels are unaltered
  • Works across a range of cell lines 

Use SINEUP™ to

  • Increase biomanufacturing productivity
  • Increase in-vitro translation yields
  • Validate microarray experiments
  • Manipulate cell phenotype
  • Screen new drug targets
  • Screen a gene across different cell lines
  • Screen genetic variants