New Product Launch - ExoLISA™ Exosome Detection Assays



Cell Guidance Systems have developed the ExoLISA™ exosome detection assay to measure the abundance of CD9, CD63 and CD81 protein specifically associated with exosomes in biofluids. This product utilises a simple 4-step fluorescent detection process, which enables high reproducibility and can be completed in 4 hours. Please see below, the simple workflow: 




The ExoLISA™ kit is similar to an ELISA assay but the target is detected directly with a flurophore label without the need for sample lysis, whilst the same antibody is used for capture and detection. This principle means that only proteins as part of multi-component structures, such as exosomes, are detected and non-specific binding and background signal is greatly reduced. This gives exosome researchers confidence that their purified samples contain exosomes. 



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