PODS: Advanced Technology to Stabilize Proteins for In-Vivo Delivery


Proteins can be challenging to work with in-vivo: They need injecting, sometimes to challenging positions such as the brain. And because they degrade quickly, this procedure needs repeating. Whilst this can be distressing for the animals, it can make working with proteins in-vivo practically impossible. PODS is a nature-mimetic technology that stabilizes proteins in micron-scale protein crystal cages. This matrix slowly releases cargo over weeks and months following injection. These crystals can also be ingested by mononuclear phagocytes which can deliver intravenously injected crystals to sites of diseases.

In this webinar you will learn about PODS technology and we will discuss practical applications for:

- Delivering a protein survival agent for implanted cells
- Delivering proteins for localized tissue regeneration
- Obtaining efficacy in cancer therapy with sub-toxic protein serum levels



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