PODS® - Therapeutic proteins optimized for in vivo applications 


PODS® enable you to go beyond the constraints of conventional growth factors, controlling their activity rather than being limited by their instability. PODS® poroteins have been optimised for in vivo applications. 


PODS® Bone regeneration 

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PODS® Neuronal differentiation 



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PODS® Neuronal survival and maturation  



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Standard vs. PODS® growth factors



 Bioactive   Bioactive
Degrades even in a sterile solution  Stable in sterile solutions
Heat-labile  Heat-stable over long periods
Difficult to localize  Readily localized - readily form gradients
 Batch-to-batch variability  Highly reproducible
Difficult to incorporate into biomaterials  Readily incorporates into biomaterials
Requires frequent replenishment  Growth factor constantly replenished from store within PODS crystals 
$ to $$$$  - economical to very expensive  $ - economical



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