Cell Guidance Systems launches two new products! 

LipoQ™ Lipid Quantification Assay



Cell Guidance Systems have developed LipoQ™ which enables simple, rapid detection of lipids in a variety of formats.

Based on the sulfo-phospo-vanillin method, LipoQ™ measures the lipid content of a wide variety of sample formats. Unsaturated fatty acids within a sample will react with phospho-vanillin to form a pink colored solution. The intensity of the pink colour formed is determined by the total lipid concentration within the sample, enabling a reliable colorimetric assay that can be read using a plate reader. 

Each kit provides sufficient reagents to perform 100 tests, including standards.


Instant Exosomes™



Cell Guidance Systems is now offering a range of high-quality and well-characterized freeze-dried exosome samples from human cancer cell lines for research applications. The freeze dried exosomes are isolated using Exo-spin™ kits following a combination of precipitation and size exclusion chromatography (SEC). 

Each batch of freeze-dried exosomes is quality tested and guaranteed to be of the highest standard. The exosome samples are characterized for:

Exosome samples are available from widely used human cancer cell lines. Currently isolated exosomes are available from

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