LiveLight™ photostable cell culture system

Light is an essential pre-requisite to most observations of living cells, either through direct observation or with the use of fluorescent proteins and dyes. Light is also used to manipulate cells. Unfortunately, the light required for observation and manipulation also gives rise to toxic components within cell culture media resulting in cell death. Cell Guidance Systems LiveLight™ photostable cell culture media and supplements do not become toxic on exposure to light. Even the most sensitive cells can now be subjected to prolonged exposure to light.



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LiveLight™ imaging data

The following were kindly provided by Dr. Sami Barmada's lab, University of Michigan. All images were obtained with cells maintained in NEUMO® and SOS®.


Primary rodent cortical neurons expressing mApple (green) and a mutant gene (Matrin 3) involved in familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, labeled with EGFP (red), stained with a nuclear dye (Hoechst, purple). 40X magnification. Image provided by Ye-Shih Ho.


Live primary rodent cortical neurons expressing mApple (red) and a mutated gene (C9orf72, green) involved in familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia, stained with a nuclear dye (Hoechst, cyan). 40X magnification. Image provided by Brittany Flores.



Neuronal cells imaged in the presence of Neurobasal medium. The same neuronal cells in the presence of NEUMO® and SOS® under the same illumination and photographic conditions. Courtesy Prof Sami Bamarda, University of Michigan.

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