What are PODS®?

PODS® are 100% protein nanoparticles (200nm to 5 microns) that contain just two proteins: the first structural protein assembles into the nanoparticle crystals, the second protein is the active cargo, such as a growth factor or cytokine. The cargo protein is slowly released following protease-mediated digestion of the structural protein.

Why are PODS® useful?

PODS® provide sustained release of the bioactive cargo protein (over periods >1 month) to generate a more constant environment for cells. PODS® may be placed in discrete positions on, or within, substrates or distributed evenly across a culture system.  Consequently, PODS® technology addresses many of the issues of conventional recombinant proteins which are difficult to localize and quickly lose efficacy.

By creating a more stable environment, in-vitro and in-vivo, PODS® improve cell quality, enhance survival, differentiation, and maturation of cells.


PODS® Technology

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