Exosome CD81 antigen antibodies

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EX203-100 CD81 Clone CGS36K mAb, 100 μg $170.00
EX205 CD9, CD63 Clone CGS82X and CD81, 20 μg each $190.00

Product description

The exosome marker antibodies have been validated against exosome-associated antigens to characterize and/or quantify exosomes in cell culture media and biological fluids, making them an essential tool in exosome research.

All high-quality exosome validated antibodies have been selected to specifically detect CD9, CD63, and/or CD81 which are widely used as exosome markers. The antibodies can be selected individually or as part of a convenient and economical collection containing 20 µg of each of the following antibodies: CD9 Clone CGS12A, CD63 Clone CGS82X, and CD81 Clone CGS36K.

Western Blotting

Western blotting is one of the most common methods to assess the presence of specific proteins in extracellular vesicles (EV) samples. In order to determine if the analyzed proteins are enriched in exosomes, the western blotting is typically loaded with exosome samples side-by-side with source material lysates.

ExoLISA™ detection assay

The exosome marker antibodies are the same as the ones used in the ELISA-like detection assay, please see full details of the ExoLISA™ kit here.


Upon receipt, store antibodies at 4°C.

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Product data

Western blotting

Exosome Marker Antibodies

Western blot images generated using cell lysate from DU145 cells (human prostate cancer cell line). The cell lysate was loaded preceding the exosome sample detected with (A) CD9 mAb (clone CGS12A mAb), (B) CD63 mAb (clone CGS73B), (C) CD63 mAb (clone CGS82X), and (D) clone CGS36K mAb. The content of each lane is as follows: Lane 1 – Invitrogen™ Magic Mark™ ladder; lane 2 – 1 µg cell lysate; lane 3 – 1 µg exosome protein; lane 4 – 2 µg cell lysate; lane 5 – 2 µg exosome protein. The mAb concentration used to generate this western blot was 0.5 µg/ml or a 1:2000 dilution of the 1 mg/ml stock solution.


Kosanovic M, Milutinovic B, Goc S, Mitic N, Jankovic M. Ion-exchange chromatography purification of extracellular vesicles. (2017). Biotechniques 63(2): 65-71.