PeptiInk® Alpha 4 PLUS™

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PIA4P-5 PeptiInk® Alpha 4™ PLUS, 5 ml $430.00
PIA4P-20 PeptiInk® Alpha 4™ PLUS, 20 ml $1,550.00
PIA4P-50 PeptiInk® Alpha 4™ PLUS, 50 ml $3,480.00
PIA4P-SP PeptiInk® Alpha 4™ PLUS Starter Pack $1,125.00
PeptiInk® Alpha 4 PLUS™

Synthetic Self-Assembling Peptide Bioinks

PeptiInks® are specifically designed peptide hydrogels for liquid handling and 3D bioprinting cell culture applications. The PeptiInk® family of bioinks are shear thinning and can be used for 3D bioprinting with any extrusion-based printer. Cells can be encapsulated and printed directly with structural definition and long-term viability and stability.

PeptiInks® are linked to the PeptiGel® series, allowing you to continue using the most suitable product (e.g. Alpha 4 PLUS) for your cells when you transition from bench to printed 3D cell culture. 

Product Description

PeptiInk® Alpha 4 PLUS™ is a ready-to-use fully synthetic positively charged peptide bioink functionalized with fibronectin (RGD) and collagen (GFOGER) motifs, mimicking the extracellular matrix more closely and encouraging better cellular adhesion. PeptiInk® Alpha 4 PLUS™ is suitable for the culture of a wide variety of cells, including primary cells, immortalized cell lines and stem cells.

PeptiInk® Alpha 4 PLUS™ is highly consistent in mechanical stiffness (G’) and pore size, resulting in excellent reproducible results. Hence, PeptiInk® Alpha 4 PLUS™ can be used for both in vitro and in vivo applications with physiologically and clinically relevant results.

Value Starter Pack

When beginning to work with PeptiGels®, we recommend purchasing our Value Starter Pack. This includes PeptiGel® to test with your cells to enable you to identify the most suitable matrix environment. The Pack also includes a Gilson positive displacement pipette (various sizes are available), a box of sterile tips and a pack of Greiner Thincerts. Contact us for additional information.

Case Studies

PeptiInk® supports complex structures laden with cells

PeptiInk Alpha 4 Complex Structure


PeptiInk® successfully prints complex structures laden with mammalian epithelial cells using a commercially available extrusion bioprinter. Structures could be printed with high structural integrity and geometrical/dimensional accuracy. After 7 day culture, the number of viable cells remained high and began to proliferate.




  • Clough HC, O'Brien M, Zhu X, Miller AF, Saiani A, Tsigkou O. (2021) Neutrally charged self-assembling peptide hydrogel recapitulates in vitro mechanisms of breast cancer progression. Materials Science and Engineering 127: 112200
Product Details

Synthetic, self-assembling peptide bioink


Positive (+2)


6.2 - 7.2

Mechanical Properties (kPa)

0.7 - 1.3


Non-toxic, safe for animal studies  


Biodegradable, supports cell activities

Functional motif: GFOGER (Collagen)


Functional motif: RGD (Fibronectin)


Stability and Storage

At least 6 months from receipt when stored at 4°C as supplied.

Shipping Temperature