Pooled Suspension Sprague Dawley Rat Hepatocytes

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AH2 Pooled Suspension SD Rat Hepatocytes $430.00

Product Description

Pooled suspension Sprague Dawley rat hepatocytes. 

Note: Samples are available for evaluation with the first order. The minimum order for this product is 10 vials. Please ask for a quote for >100 vials.

All animal cryopreserved suspension hepatocytes are prepared for using the same meticulous isolation and cryopreservation techniques as the human batches. These cells enable in vivo correlations from in vitro data to form conclusions regarding a candidate drug’s effect on the liver.

Suitable for a variety of assays including:

  • Short-term metabolic studies
  • Hepatic clearance assays


Product Details
Cells per vial

> 5 million


Male/Female separated pooling from 10 individuals

Pathogen testing

Tested negative for HBV, HCV and HIV. No bacterial or fungal overgrowth



Monolayer formation

These cells do not form a monolayer

Metabolic parameters tested

Phase I and Phase II enzyme activity


Thawing medium, percolation medium

Product Documents

AH2 datasheet Hepatocytes FAQ