Primary Human Hepatocytes - Spheroid Grade

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HH3 Primary Human Hepatocytes - Spheroid Grade $430.00

Product Description

Primary Human Hepatocytes for Spheroid generation

Samples are available for evaluation with the first order. The minimum order for this product is 10 vials. Please ask for a quote for >100 vials. 


Primary human liver suitable for generating spheroids. These cells enable in vivo correlations from in vitro data to form conclusions regarding a candidate drug’s effect on the liver.

Suitable for a variety of assays including:

  • Hepatotoxicity
Product Details
Cells per vial

> 1 million



Pathogen testing

Tested negative for HBV, HCV and HIV. No bacterial or fungal overgrowth

Spheroid formation

Formation of a dense spheroid within 24-28 hours


Thawing medium, percolation medium

Metabolic parameters

Not evaluated