Human Fibronectin (1.2 mg/ml), 1 mg

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AP22 Human Fibronectin (1.2 mg/ml), 1 mg £95.00


Fibronectin has been purified from human plasma where it is found as a dimer and has a size of 440 - 500 kDa with two similar subunits (220 - 250 kDa) linked by two disulfide bonds.


Used as a cell culture surface coating, fibronectin has an important role in cell adhesion and attachment to extracellular matrix by interactions with collagen, heparin and other cell surface glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).
Product Details
Source Human Plasma
Purity >95%
pH 7
Formulation 20 mM Tris-HCl containing 0.45 M NaCl and 12% glycerol
Sterilization Method Filtration
Sterility No growth
Concentration 1.2 mg/ml
Storage and Stability

Store at -80°C for long-term storage. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Store at 4°C for 1 month shelf life.


Coating Procedure


Note: Use these recommendations as guidelines to determine the optimal coating conditions for your culture system. The typical concentration for surface coating with fribronectin is 1 - 5 μg/cm2.


1. Add appropriate amount of diluted Fibronectin to culture surface.


2. Incubate at room temperature for approximately 1 hour to permit binding of the Fibronectin to the surface.


3. Aspirate remaining Fibronectin using a pipet, but make sure that the pipet tip does not disturb the growth surface.


4. Plates are ready for use. They may also be stored at 2 - 10°C damp or air dried if sterility is maintained.