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Primary Human Hepatocytes

Primary human hepatocytes functionally tested to perform in key hepatotoxicology assays. Primary human hepatocytes remain the gold standard for in-vitro assays to predict the in-vivo effect of compounds and candidate drugs. 

Primary human hepatocytes tailored for in vitro toxicology assays




During the preparation of primary human hepatocytes, process intensity, yield and cell quality are related. As cell yield rises during the manufacture of primary liver cells due to increased process intensity, hepatocytes progressively lose key attributes, such as the ability to form a monolayer.  With the varying grades, the utility of the cells for different assays (see table below) also changes. We offer hepatocyte cells in three grades to maximize their value, dependent on your specific assay requirements. 



Primary Human Hepatocytes: Grade and Utility  


HH1  - Plateable

 HH2 - Suspension

HH3  - Spheroid

Overall quailty

Highest     Intermediate     Spheroid grade


>80% >80% >80%

Cells per vial

> 5 million > 5 million > 1 million
Culture Method Monolayer Suspension


Metabolic characterization

Comprehensive Comprehensive None
Assay range Diverse - see product page

Hepatic clearance assays,

short-term metabolic studies

Donor Pooling            None           >10 pooled


 Pooled cells are produced under a license.


Primary Human Hepatocytes - Plateable Grade $790.00
Primary Human Hepatocytes - Suspension Grade $575.00
Primary Human Hepatocytes - Spheroid Grade $430.00