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Liver Cells and Matrix

Primary Cell Solutions for ADME and Toxicology Assays

Cell Guidance Systems offers a range of industry-leading ADME/Tox products, licensed by the Human Tissue Authority, that provide physiologically relevant results in drug discovery assays. 




Primary Human Hepatocytes

Primary human hepatocytes remain the gold standard for in-vitro assays to predict the in-vivo effect of compounds and candidate drugs. We offer primary human hepatocytes in three grades to maximize their value, dependent on your specific assay requirements. 



Animal Hepatocytes

Animal hepatocytes functionally tested to perform in key hepatotoxicology assays. These animal cryopreserved hepatocytes are prepared using the same meticulous isolation and cryopreservation techniques as the human batches and are well characterized for Phase I and Phase II enzyme activity. These cells are perfect for in vitro to in vivo correlation experiments. 


Non-Parenchymal Cells

Hepatocytes alone are not able to fully represent in vivo functionality during toxicology evaluations. Co-cultures are a liver-derived in vitro model system that aims to preserve liver-specific morphology and functionality beyond what is provided by pure parenchymal cell cultures. Co-cultures can be prepared using hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells (NPC) cultures which, has been evidenced to be one of the most successful models for maintaining functionality in vitro when examining drug related hepatotoxicity. NPCs characterized for the co-culture with hepatocytes in basement membrane extract overlay are available.


Liver Microsomes

Liver microsomes are available from a variety of species and are the most convenient way to investigate CYP-mediated metabolism. They are a useful in vitro testing system as they contain all CYP enzymes, ensuring the CYP kinetic measurements are not confused with other metabolic processes or cellular uptake.