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Animal Hepatocytes

These animal cryopreserved suspension hepatocytes are prepared using the same meticulous isolation and cryopreservation techniques as the human batches. Viabilities for these cells are ≥ 80%, ≥ 5 million cells/vial and they are characterized for Phase I and Phase II enzyme activity. 

Perfect for in vitro to in vivo correlation experiments. 

Animal hepatocytes are isolated and available from a range of species:

  • CD1 mouse hepatocytes
  • Sprague-dawley rat hepatocytes
  • Beagle dog hepatocytes
  • Cynomolgus monkey hepatocytes


Pooled Suspension CD1 Mouse Hepatocytes $430.00
Pooled Suspension Sprague Dawley Rat Hepatocytes $430.00
Pooled Suspension Beagle Dog Hepatocytes $650.00
Pooled Suspension Cynomolgus Monkey Hepatocytes $860.00