PeptiGel® Alpha 4™

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PeptiGel® Alpha 4™

Synthetic Self-Assembling Peptide Hydrogels

PeptiGels® are ready-to-use fully synthetic self-assembling peptide hydrogels that are biologically relevant and formulated to meet your cells’ needs. PeptiGels® are used for 2D and 3D cell culture and are specifically designed with a range of mechanical properties and chemical functionalities to mimic the native cellular micro-environment to allow the growth of any cell type.

Product Description

PeptiGel® Alpha 4™ is a ready-to-use fully synthetic positively charged peptide hydrogel. PeptiGel® Alpha 4™ is biologically relevant, mimics the extracellular matrix and is suitable for the culture of a variety of cells, including primary cells, immortalized cell lines and stem cells.

PeptiGel® Alpha 4™ is highly consistent in mechanical stiffness (G’) and pore size, resulting in excellent reproducible results. Hence, PeptiGel® Alpha 4™ can be used for both in vitro and in vivo applications with physiologically and clinically relevant results.

Case Studies

PeptiGel® supports the growth of kidney organoids

PeptiGel Alpha 4 Kidney Organoid


PeptiGel® Alpha 4™ successfully supports the growth of kidney organoids. Kidney organoids grown on PeptiGel® were shown to express key markers of renal differentiation including LTL+ve proximal tubules, ECAD+ve distal tubule/collecting duct and ZO-1+ve tight junctions. These cell types were supported by Meis1/2/3+ve interstitial cells and Laminin+ve basement membrane.


PeptiGel® supports the growth of in-vitro ovarian cancer model

PeptiGel Alpha 4 Ovarian Cancer Model

PeptiGel® Alpha 4™ successfully supports the growth of an in-vitro epithelial ovarian cancer model. Analysis of cell viability across different PeptiGels® showed that Alpha 4-GFOGER™ (collagen functionalized) facilitated earlier cellular growth than Alpha 4™ and Alpha 4-RGD™ (fibronectin functionalized). However, after 28 days all hydrogels supported the growth of ovarian cancer cells.


  • Clough HC, O'Brien M, Zhu X, Miller AF, Saiani A, Tsigkou O. (2021) Neutrally charged self-assembling peptide hydrogel recapitulates in vitro mechanisms of breast cancer progression. Materials Science and Engineering 127: 112200
Product Details

Positive (+2)

Mechanical Properties (kPa)

0.35 - 0.7

Functional motif: GFOGER (Collagen)


Functional motif: RGD (Fibronectin)


Stability and Storage

At least 6 months from receipt when stored at 4°C as supplied.