Petrisoft™ 35, Adhesion Free™


Adhesion Free™ hydrogels bound to 35 mm polystyrene dishes.

Softwell is a transparent hydrogel of a defined stiffness bound to the surface of any cell culture well. It's so thin, you might not notice it's there, but a cell can feel the difference. Importantly, it won't interfere with most cell-based assays and detection methods. That way, you can make cell culture more real without complicating your life at the benchtop. Softwell replicates a broad range of physiological tissue softness, from fat to cardiac muscle, so you can routinely venture beyond the rigidity of tissue culture plastic.

Note: the stiffness of a material is commonly quantified by its elastic modulus (E). Softwell is available in a variety of stiffness values.


  • Non-Activated hydrogels form an ultra-low attachment surface.
  • Easy Coat™ hydrogels are chemically activated to bind to your matrix protein of choice.
  • Collagen pre-coated hydrogels are ready for cell culture. All collagen-coated products use rat tail collagen type I. Bovine skin type I collagen can be used upon request.


All hydrogels are available at the standard range of stiffness values: 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 25, and 50 kPa.

Specialty Options

Adhesion Free™ are hydrogels that resist protein adsorption and are 100% non-adherent to cells. This option is ideal for suspension culture or generation of cell spheroids.

Research Use Only

Please note: Matrigen Products are available through Cell Guidance Systems only in Europe. For the US and other territories, please see