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Other Species

Cell Guidance Systems, the developers of PODS® slow-release growth factor technology, also provide a wide range of high-quality recombinant proteins for a variety of cell culture applications. Production expertise and rigorous quality control ensure excellent bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency, so you can be assured that your growth factor is functional.

In addition to the standard growth factors listed below, many others are available as PODS® sustained release growth factors

If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Recombinant human cytokines and growth factors


Recombinant mouse (and other) cytokines and growth factors


PODS® slow-release cytokines and growth factors



PODS® Empty $175.00
PODS® Mouse Activin A $175.00
PODS® Rat Activin A $175.00
Recombinant Mouse Activin A $71.00
Recombinant Mouse Activin A (Animal-Free) $206.00
Recombinant Rat Activin A $71.00
Recombinant Rat Activin A (Animal-Free) $206.00
PODS® mCherry $175.00
PODS® Mouse Ephrin-B2 $175.00
Recombinant Mouse EGF $75.00
Recombinant Mouse EGF (Animal-Free) $80.00
Recombinant Rat EGF $75.00
Recombinant Mouse Exodus-2 / CCL21 $75.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-1 $75.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-2 $75.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-2 (Animal-Free) $80.00
Recombinant Rat FGF-2 $75.00
Recombinant Rat FGF-2 (Animal-Free) $80.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-8 $75.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-8 (Animal-Free) $80.00
PODS® Mouse VEGF-164 $175.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-9 $189.00
Recombinant Mouse FGF-9 (Animal-Free) $206.00
Recombinant Rat FGF-9 $189.00
Recombinant Mouse FLT-3 Ligand $189.00