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LY411575 is a potent gamma secretase inhibitor. It is able to block Notch activation and reduces A beta/42 post treatment (acute or chronic).


Notch signaling is a pathway known to regulate both differentiation and proliferation of cells in diverse adult tissues. LY411575 has been shown to promote goblet cell differentiation in mice intestine. It has also been observed to promote neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells (ESC).

Alternative Names

LY-411575, LY 411575, LSN-411575



1. Curry, CL., et al. 2005. Oncogene. 24(42): 6333-6344. PMID: 15940249

2. Abranches, E., et al. 2009. PLoS One. 4(7): e6286. PMID: 19621087

Product Details
Formula C26H23F2N3O4
Molecular Weight 479.48
CAS Number 209984-57-6
Purity >98%
Solubility DMSO
Stability and Storage Stable at -20°C. Keep away from direct sunlight.