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Bespoke. Not one-size-fits-all. Reliable, simple, defined, and tunable. PeptiGels® is a family of related, but distinct synthetic self-assembling peptide hydrogels (SAPHs) that provide a canvas for 3D cell culture and bioprinting. PeptiGels® have been independently and extensively validated against numerous cell lines (over 40 and counting). PeptiGel® hydrogel's fully-defined components enable consistent product quality and reproducible results. This provides a tailored, better alternative to traditional animal-derived hydrogels. 

PeptiGel Self-Assembling Peptides Technology

We offer a range of class-leading SAPHs and bioinks to support your cell culture applications. The proprietary hydrogel technology allows us to tune mechanical and functional properties, to provide you with the most suitable materials tailored to your application's needs. PeptiGels® are physiological and biologically relevant hydrogels that mimic the cell micro-environment and provide a synthetic extracellular matrix. 

Just a few of the cell types cultured with PeptiGel®

Cell cultured with PeptiGel

Examples of cells grown with PeptiGel® hydrogels. PDAC= pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, rOSFs = rat oesophageal stromal fibroblasts. For further details, please see the PeptiGels resources page.

PeptiGel® - What researchers say

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Cell Compatibility

Gel type and demonstrated compatible cells 

PeptiGel® Type


Stiffness (kPa)

Biomimetic Functionality

Demonstrated Compatible Primary Cells and Cell Lines 

Alpha 1

Neutral 3 - 5 None

Chondrocytes, monocytes, nucleus pulpous cells, Schwann cells, oesophageal, Breast EpH4, Fibroblast 3T3, Kidney HEK293, iPSCs

Alpha 2 +1 6 - 8 None Adipose-derived stem cells, iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, Chondrocytes, Dorsal root ganglion neurons, Liver HepG2, Pancreas Suit-2, Prostate PC3, Prostate pNT2

Alpha 2 Plus

+1 6 - 8 RGD & GFOGER Neuronal 
Alpha 4 +2 0.7 - 1.3 None Mammary epithelial, Bone marrow-derived stem cells, Dermal fibroblasts, Colon organoids, Kidney organoids, Synovial cells, iPSCs, Breast MCF7, Breast MCF10a, Breast, MDAMB231, 3T3 fibroblasts, L929 fibroblasts, Muscle C2C12, Ovary A2780, HUVECS, 
Alpha 4 Plus +2 0.7 - 1.3 RGD & GFOGER Stromal fibroblasts, Ovary A2780, Colon crypts
Alpha 8 -3 ~ 0.25 None Hepatic Cells
Delta 1 Neutral 3 - 5 None Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Gamma 2  +1 ~ 1.5  None Dorsal root ganglion neurons, Pancreas Suit-2 
Gamma 2 Plus +1  ~ 2.5  RGD & GFOGER Neuronal 
Gamma 4 +2 0.175  - 0.35  None For cells requiring a softer environment, including primary cells, immortalized cells and stem cells
Gamma 4 Plus +2 0.175 - 0.35 RGD & GFOGER Spheroids and organoids

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The stiffness values given here are indicative and have been measured by shear rheometry after 24 incubation in DMEM media.

Bespoke Peptide Hydrogel Design

The chemistry, mechanical and bio-functional properties of PeptiGels® can be tuned to create bespoke products to suit your cells’ needs. This includes functionalizing PeptiGels® with peptide sequences from collagen (GFOGER), fibronectin (RGD), & laminin (IKVAV or YIGSR). We can also tailor the material properties to precisely fit your requirements for a wide range of application areas, including cell therapies, drug delivery, and high-throughput screening.

If you require specific material design characteristics or assistance choosing the PeptiGel® that's most suitable for your application, please get in touch.

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