Exosome research cleans up > A novel exosome purification technology, released today by Cell Guidance Systems, will support the microvescicle field.

Exosome research cleans up

Cambridge, UK. 22nd April 2013

Cell biologists are excited by the medical potential of exosomes. A novel exosome purification technology, released today by Cell Guidance Systems, will support the field.

The Exo-spin™ kit contains all the components required for effective, routine purification of exosomes.

Once thought to be just part of the cells waste disposal system, it is now clear that exosomes also act as microscopic delivery bags, protecting RNA and protein contents that can then be transported in the blood, influencing the activity of distant cells.

Exosomes may be useful in cancer diagnostics and for drug delivery, transporting therapeutic RNA and DNA, manufactured in cells in-vitro, to specific diseased cells. In some cases, exosomes mediate the benefits of stem cell therapy.

One of the major technical hurdles facing the exosome field is the efficient purification of intact exosomes. The gold standard for their purification is currently ultra-centrifugation, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Commercially available exosome precipitants, used in a small number of labs, yield exosome preparations of relatively low purity, in which the precipitant remains as a contaminant.

Exo-spin™ kits for exosome purification, launched today by Cell Guidance Systems, overcome all of these shortcomings. Exo-spin™ is based on technology licensed from A*STAR in Singapore. Exo-spin™ kits are suitable for the preparation of pure, functional exosomes from a variety of biological fluids including blood plasma/sera, cell culture media, urine, saliva.

Dr Michael Jones, CEO of Cell Guidance Systems, commented “Talking to exosome researchers, it is clear that the current options for exosome purification have significant shortcomings. Exo-spin™ is a breakthrough in reliable purification of exosomes that will enable the entire field to move forward more rapidly.” Exo-spin™ provides a gentle purification process in which no organic phases are used, no ultracentrifugation is employed and the exosomes are purified free of precipitants in as little as one hour.


How do we support your research?

Exosome research can be challenging, so Cell Guidance Systems has compiled a complete range of solutions to support you, from isolation to characterization of exosomes. Our range of products includes exosome purification kits for all biological fluids and applications, exosome marker antibodies, and exosome detection and tracking options, as well as a nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) service. Moreover, our technical team will support you throughout your experiments and answer any questions you might have.

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